Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009

Facebook go to the Lord of society Networking.......... Friendster was Lost


i was suprised that my overall friend get faceBOok, by the way every time that status was updated. its like you do something then you write on the letter and you sent to over all friend every time and every where....

and i was suprised too. the rival of face BOok " friendster was lost, the account never updated, never visited. Did you Know the page rank of friendster? (149 , from and FaceBook was second rank after Google. Its CRAzy

what easy people can be Manipulated ??


From My Opera BLOg :

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Anak Banin mengatakan...

setujukah anda....

ayo saya sarankan segera delete account friendster anda,,, ngak kawatir kalo data dan gambar anda disalah gunakan